C.S Lewis inspired Monday Morning Motivation

C.S Lewis is one of my favourite authors. The Chronicles of Narnia was kinda my childhood. There were more than once occasions where I would open the closet, go through the coats and hope the further I went, those coats would turn into trees and lead to Narnia. Sadly, they never did.

As I got older, I discovered his other works, Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, and so many other fantastic books, some that I have read and some that still need to be read. That man had so much insight and I always feel so inspired after reading his works. He has like a bazillion amazing quotes, but here are 10 that I especially like.

1. Aim at Heaven



4.looking ahead

5.love 2


7.painful circumstances

8.we are what we believe we are


10.God will make us good

I’m going to try and review these incredible insights this week do my best to remember them throughout my day. Happy Monday!


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