End of summer and so many memories!


Ladies and gentleman, it’s officially that day, September 1st…and that means the last day of the long weekend and the unofficial end to the summer. Kinda crazy to believe it’s all over. I mean, the weather is just starting to feel like summer! It feels like it should be the beginning of July, not the start of September. Not gonna lie, I’m a little sad summer is over. It’s one of my favourite times of year (summer and Christmas time) and I was really looking forward to this summer in particular. 

But it DEFINITELY lived up to my expectations. Probably played the most beach volleyball I’ve ever played in a summer which right there already makes it a win:)  Those late night chillages with friends, cottage weekends, celebrating my little brother’s 20th in Niagara Falls, Skillet road trip, the CNE and my first ever Country concert (Jason Aldean, which actually was the best concert of the year, sorry country haters!) were some of the highlights that made this summer seriously incredible. So many amazing memories with awesome people. 

Today I was thinking about the great times this summer. I think summer especially goes by so quickly because if you are working, you are looking forward to the weekend every week. Also, typically there are a lot of things to look forward to which I find makes time go by really fast. I think it’s a little ironic the more you look forward to something and want it to come, the faster it’s over. It’s so easy to get caught up trying to experience everything you can possible experience and a lot of times I think, people feel the more they experience, the more they have lived. But those legendary nights always end, no matter how much we don’t want them to. Monday always comes way too soon. I think that most people feel that there should be something more. It shouldn’t have to end, it shouldn’t have to be gone and just a memory. I think that feeling really shows how we are wired with the knowledge that there is something more, something bigger and better out there, something that is lasting. And there is, and that’s having a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I know, as least for me, it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, the craziness of summer, the weekends, and life  in general. But when I take a moment, and stop, spend some time reading the Bible, praying with Him, life just comes into perspective. It’s beautiful thing really. I don’t need to worry about that sad hollow feeling inside after something I was super excited for is over, because in Him, I never have that feeling. I have ultimate fulfilment in Him, it’s just reminding myself of that over and over. It’s living each day reminding myself that this earth is just my temporary home and Heaven is actually where I’ll spend most of my time. It really gives you a different perspective on what really matters. Anyways, just some end of summer thoughts running through my head:)



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