Rest doesn’t come naturally to me. I like to always keep busy, be doing things all the time. I just got an internship downtown which has been a huge blessing, but has also made my schedule extremely insane. The internship is 9-5 Monday-Friday, so I leave my house at 7:30 and get home around 6:20. I also have a landscaping business with my brothers, so Monday and Thursday nights after work and a quick dinner I’ll cut grass till dark. Tuesday night I’ll stay downtown for my Bible study and Wednesday night I’ll go straight from work to the beach because I play in a beach volleyball league. As well, I’ll hit up the gym for 6am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is basically go go go all week and the weekends usually fill up with social events. So as you can tell, there’s not a whole lot of downtime or rest for me.

But this past weekend I went up to Muskoka for a young professionals retreat with my Church and got to slow down and relax. My favorite talk of the weekend was actually the last talk by our associate pastor, called “Resting with one Another”. The talk was based off Mark 6:31 “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while”. It’s Jesus’ call to rest, a call to get away from the busyness of life. My pastor was saying that even when we aren’t working, we are still going. How many times do you check your emails, then check your Facebook, then back to your email? What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Pick up your phone and check for any messages? Life is just so fast paced for our society when people slow us down, we don’t have time for that and we snap. That’s an indication that our attitudes need to change. What I found that really hit home for me, was the question “do you have space in your day, is there space enough for God?”. And it’s not just the space, but the rest that comes when you make space in your life and spend time with Jesus Christ. My pastor was saying it’s the rest that we so desperately want, but something that this world cannot give, something only Jesus can give. When he fills us, we are prepared to face the day. We have more patience, more love that we can give to others because we are filled with Jesus.

It really struck me that I’m not regularly filling up with Jesus in the mornings. I can find time to go to the gym 3 times a week in the morning, but can’t wake up a little earlier to read my Bible and pray with Jesus. It was just what I needed to hear.

Yesterday I woke up at 5am and spend some quality time with God. It was crazy how amazing I felt throughout the day. Throughout the day at various points I would think about him, and just be thankful for the blessings he’s given me, my job, my health, and just Him being there next to me. That normally doesn’t happen. I’ll usually only think of God during my devotionals, or praying before I eat, but yesterday was different. I also had patience in a couple of situations where I normally probably would have snapped. All because I started my day off right with Jesus and I really think it made a big difference.

Time is precious these days for me which makes it even more important that I make space for Jesus. Say you are in a relationship with someone. Just because you are crazy busy, that’s not an excuse for you to not spend time with them, you make time, you set aside space for them. Same thing for Jesus, being busy is no excuse. I need to spend time with him, even if that means waking up ridiculously early at 5am. When I do spend that time with Him, he gives me strength to start my day right and be able to give to others and not burnout.

This weekend really taught me the importance of resting in Him and I plan on making sure I set aside some quality time with Him every morning and remember Him throughout my day so I can really show other’s His love.



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